Hugo Matha


At age 18, Hugo spent nearly a year in Shangai to create and produce an entire collection at the request of a local industrialist. He then attended the Duperré school in Paris. Whose notable French alumni include Pierre Hardy, Guillaume Henry and Alexandre Mattuissi. He also collaborated with Oliver Chatenet and Dominique de Roche on the Hong Kong exhibit « Crazy about Yves ? » Towards the end of his program. Hugo worked closely with Jean Charles de Castelbajac to perfect his knowledge of the business. After receiving acclaim for the collection he presented as his final project, Hugo Matha decided to create his own label in the wake of couture/bespoke pieces. Through his brand , Hugo Matha declares his love for the tradition of French craftship using only the finest materials. Each Hugo Matha product is made in a French atelier.

The brand also encompasses his family tradition, as portrayed by his logo – created by Nicolas Ouchenir – which voluntarily offers a double reading. An  « H » is wrapped around a square and straight « M », also forming the letters « JL », which are his father Jean-Luc’s initials. This logo will appear on both Hugo Matha’s wood, leather and plexi accessories and on the bottles of his family’s winery.